Things to Consider About a Private Loan

  There are thus many reasons to borrow money today. Some want the latest from the latest in the tech world, others want to go out and experience the world, and then there are also those who are in an unfortunate and needy financial situation where there is barely enough money to to get through […]

Retail Loans

Life without credit is something that few can boast. On average, the citizens of Lijepa nasje have at least two loans, one of which is usually a home loan. Real estate is the backbone of Croatian society, and citizens most often raise a loan for it. They are much more determined on this issue than […]

Old savings contracts: savers are entitled to premiums

Savers often benefit from savings contracts that have been concluded a long time ago – which in turn is a disadvantage for the financial institutions, because the interest rates that were agreed earlier, are very attractive from today’s point of view. Many banks are now trying to urge their customers to dissolve the contracts, has […]

Steps to organize your personal finances

The beginning of a new year is a propitious opportunity to tidy up personal finances. Therefore, here are the five steps to organize your personal finances in 2019. Organizing your finances is much simpler than you might think, you just have to follow the following steps:   Diagnose your current financial situation Every action plan […]